February 20


Your Customers are Using Social Media to Build or Break down Your Reputation

Social media allows people to connect, communicate, and commiserate like never before, and that could be a risk to your business.

Lisa Barone wrote about the “5 Ways Social Media May Kill Customer Loyalty” and highlighted these points to consider:

  1. You don’t deliver on promises. Whether deliberately or innocently, businesses make promises to their audiences all the time and do not follow up. Sometimes the team did not anticipate exhausting their supply of that special offer. Sometimes the promise to even share special offers and discounts for signing up for a newsletter or liking on Facebook falls by the wayside. Unfortunately, those who signed up under those terms don’t forget and now have platforms for voicing their unhappiness.
  2. You make them feel ignored. This is the contact us page message that forwards to a staff member who left the company 3 weeks ago and no one thought to make the change. This is evident when criticism or a complaint is picked up and echoed on Twitter, yet no one from the company responds.
  3. You’re inconsistent. This pitfall is easy to grasp. When social media is a priority in a company, you have people dedicated to curating content, listening to what’s being said, and responding to relevant discussions. You’re engaged and part of the conversation as a business because it’s part of your identity.
  4. You don’t respond well to criticism. This area is a touchy one because companies of all sizes are represented by people who can be defensive about their mishandling criticism. Can’t you hear a manager with his back against the wall attacking, “Who are you to say I don’t respond to criticism well?” It’s every supervisor’s nightmare annual review meeting. On social media, it’s amplified.
  5. You look like you don’t care. Typos, irrelevant content, and erratic contact all convey the undertone that you don’t care. This area is easy to address with some thoughtfulness and diligent proofreading.

Read more about these ideas in Lisa Barone’s article and let me know below which of these strike a chord with your experience.



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