Zoho Launches Mobile-Ready Survey Tool To Extend Online Business Platform

Zoho, a web based office suite launched in 2005, has recently released a new survey tool which may help businesses expand their online platforms and reach out to consumers without expensive campaigns. Zoho surveys, available on web and mobile devices, cover many areas of business including customer satisfaction, education, human resources, and marketing research. Customizable surveys allow companies to choose exactly what they would like customers to evaluate. With features such as customer collaboration, partner review, and integration to other Zoho products (a huge plus for consumers), the surveys can be utilized in a variety of different capacities for maximum aid. Built in reports and interactive charts will help companies quantify their survey results and enact changes where they see fit.

The free edition of Zoho survey boasts unlimited surveys of 15 questions each with 150 responses per survey. If in need of more advanced surveys, companies can purchase the standard edition for $19 per month or the professional edition for $180 per year. The professional edition contains unlimited surveys, questions, and responses.

Although Zoho has ample competitors, Survey Monkey in particular, Raju Vegesna of Zoho hopes that the integration of Survey Monkey with Zoho Campaigns will encourage customers to use the two in tandem. The pull for Zoho however, is that the Zoho survey can be used with the entire package of Zoho produced business tools and will perhaps enable them to edge out the competition.